Why P.S.?


This is the section that needs an explanation because I want to make sure my readers know what this section on my blog really means to me. So, why did I name this section P.S.? To me postscripts (better known as p.s.) are not always thoughts that we forget to mention and remember after we sign. Postscripts often carry the strongest message or the message of the entire letter. The letter is the warm-up, you want to make sure your reader is attentive and engaged before you hit them with the bang!

That’s what this section is. Here I want to share my thoughts on many things I see and live day to day and have an opinion on or simply don’t fully understand. This is the space in my blog to just write and figure things out–to think out loud. Just because I love beauty, hair, fashion and fitness, doesn’t mean the things happening in the world aren’t important because they are and we all need to start talking about it and fueling the conversations that are starting to form around these issues but aren’t loud enough to make the impact needed.

Hey I’m all about happy world, I live in the clouds, I’m a mermaid princess and all that jazz…but from time to time I come down from my clouds and think about the world. Just for a bit…

This isn’t a hard news section either! Sometimes I’ll share some silly and hilarious experiences I’ve had, a good article to share, but sometimes I’ll also vent and say what I think. I should have named this section, “Michelle can talk forever so here is where she’ll do it” hahah but that’s too long and I like P.S.

I hope you enjoy this as much as I do!