Vibrant Red Hair: How to Make it Last!


If you like to experiment with hair color like me, you have or have thought about red hair! I loved having vibrant red hair with dark roots summer 2016 and 2017 (I covered it for winter time), picture of my hair below.

Gorgeous right??!!

image1 (1).jpeg

I love it so much still, but why did I let it go? Red hair is SO high maintenance and stained everything. It’s a big commitment, before going red make sure you’re ready to either outgrow the red once you’re tired of it , cover it with a dark color or bleach the heck out of it; It took me 4 bleaching sessions to get to blonde and I still need one more session to get the icy blonde I want.

The good news is I learned how to take really good care of my hair color and minimize the trips (and $$$) to the salon.

Here are some key steps I took to keep my hair super vibrant between salon visits:

  •  Use a SULFATE free shampoo and coldest water you can stand. Tip: Don’t use white towels!
  • Wash less and load up on the dry shampoo! I go to the gym 6-7 days a week so instead of washing my hair everyday I use dry shampoo. The salt in the sweat is not good for you hair so regardless of what color you have always use dry shampoo after you sweat
  • Every 2 weeks use SPARKS Long Lasting Hair Color in Red Velvet . Even though this says hair color it really a semi-permanent color and will make the red color stick to your hair.
  • Weekly or every 2 weeks (up to you) use a clear gloss. A clear gloss is really good for the health of your hair because it seals your ends as well. I use this one 

The list can go on but these are the steps made the most difference in the longevity of my hair color.

Give these a try and let me know how it goes!



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